Let's Find Your New Home

We're here to help! At Centennial Realty & Mortgage, not only do we help you find the best way to finance your home, but we also help you walk you through the entire home buying process from. It's your future home, so why shouldn't you enjoy the process of finding it?

1. Work with Our Realtors

Your realtor will be your lifeline through the process. Not so long ago, people didn’t have much to go on when selecting an agent. A postcard in the mail or a name on a sign might have been all you had to consider if you didn’t have a personal referral. However, that's where we come in.

Our agents are here to answers all your questions and to guide you through the process of buying your first or second home.

2. Get Pre-approved

It’s a smart move to get pre-approved for a loan early in your home search. Luckily we specialize in this area! Centennial Realty & Mortgage Company would be happy to help you get pre-approved by being your licensed lenders or help you find one in your area with a history of providing a positive customer experience. 

Go ahead and check to get your quote by filling out the form to the right!

3. Time to Go House Shopping

After you've worked with our realtors to get pre-approved, it's time for the fun part: Shopping! By now, you’ve talked things over with our agents and have nailed down what you really want and need in a home.  Combining this with your price range and knowledge of the local area, you can go over local listings with your agent who can even help set up properties for you to tour.

4. Make An Offer

For most buyers, this is when the butterflies really show up. Once you’ve found a home you want with your agent, we will work with you to craft an offer. Remember, the listing price is only a starting point. Your agent will understand the market and help guide you to make the most attractive offer, whether it’s below, at or above listing price. Are there any contingencies to your offer? Will you require an inspection? These are all things our agents can and will help you with.

5. Inspection and Due Diligence

If your offer is called for a home inspection, this is a big day. Sure, you get to have a home inspector look over the home to make sure there are no unseen defects you want to negotiate to have fixed. But more importantly, this is the most time you’ll get to spend in your new home until closing. Go ahead and start measuring things and figuring out what goes where. This may be the last time you are inside the home until it is yours, several weeks from now.

6. Get Your Keys and Move-in!

This is the big day. You’ll read and sign papers and then read and sign some more. Even though you’re just sitting around a table, it can be exhausting. But it also means you’re nearing the finish line. 

This is it. You did it. You are now a homeowner! Your sale contract will specify exactly how soon you get to move in. Sometimes it’s by a certain time on the day you sign closing papers. Sometimes possession happens a few days after closing. Whenever it is, you’ve just ended the adventure of home buying and started the adventure of homeownership.

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